Model Photographer Negotiation Form

Model Photographer Negotiation Form

One of the biggest problems in the modeling industry is how to credit others who collaborate on photoshoots. Part of this problem arises from the sheer number of social media sites that are available to post, and the fact that models and photographers may have multiple online identities for different types of shoots.

Some photographers have this information in their model releases, but some models would like a bit more control over that information. On the other hand, photographers who are selling photos would like to keep photos from spreading too far. This form helps to keep track and resolve all these issues. It is meant to be filled out together, between the model, the photographer, and any other artists who might be involved in a shoot.

Please comment below if you enjoy and use this form, or have suggestions on how to make it better and more useful.

Download the Model Photographer Negotiation Form here (Right click, save as)

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