Steampunk Diaries – May 21st, 1878

Steampunk Diaries – May 21st, 1878

Took passage upon the Rhine River in a steam powered paddle wheeled boat. Of American design this boat is not particularly well suited to the River. I believe the draft to be a bit short, but perhaps that helps increase the speed. I’m told by the purser that the boat’s top speed is 10 knots. That comes out to eighteen and half kilometers per an hour or eleven and a half miles in the same time. It’s normal speed is between six and eight knots so as to have time to dodge river debris and stay in the deeper part of the river.

At this rate I shall be at Schaffhausen within a fortnight. Hopefully I shall have time to view the Rheinfall and the mechanism the boat shall use to get around the falls which are twenty-three meters tall. Dinner has been served with wines grown from the very vineyards that line the river. Occasionally we put in to shore to load more passengers and cargo, including several cases of these very fine wines. I’ve arranged to have ten cases of Heise shipped to England immediately and another thirty-six to be delivered after the next harvest along with ten of the Chasselas Blanc.

I believe there will be time tomorrow to explore one of the ruined forts on this great river as the boat will be loading a large amount of goods for future destinations.

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  • I just linked to your journal from the year 2009! This is amazing, do you have any insight on the American Civil War you can share?

  • I forgot you will have no idea what “linked to” means. Essentially I tried to let a lot of people from my time know about your journal.

    • Thank you Mr. Barber for the “link”. I do not currently have any thoughts upon your Civil War written down. I fear my own travels keep me quite busy in that regards. Perhaps I shall write about it in the future.

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