Steampunk Diaries – April 22, 1878

Steampunk Diaries – April 22, 1878

Knowing my penchant for such investigations, I was contacted by one Terrance Chamberlain, a parish Priest from Northern London. One of his flock was having a rough time with what I came to understand was a small girl’s imported French doll. It seems the doll would come to life and cause great amounts of mischief. Upon arriving at the beleaguered parisher’s home, we were greeted with a torrent of clothing articles, dishes, chamber pots, and even I believe furniture, had it fit through the upstairs window.

Upon entering the house we found the French doll in question, being scolded by it’s owner, the young Miss Tabitha Pitt. As soon as it’s eyes alighted upon us an evil breath filled the room. Barely escaping with coat tails and dare I say, dignity attached, we retired to a nearby coffee shop to plan the night’s tactics.

It was finally agreed upon that after the young lady was asleep, we would sneak in upon the doll and take possesion of it to deposit into the nearest fire we could aspire to. This was done with some difficulty, who should think that such a small creature would have such a fearful presence and grip? With both it’s voice and Miss Pitt’s ringing in our heads, the doll was dispatched with haste in the downstairs Crawford.

Hopefully that shall be the end of misadventures at this address.

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  • Hi Rick,
    I love your diary! I recently saw the vampire killing kit you wrote about and found your diary through my search. Great story. It really transports me into the world you write about. Can you supply some backstory on the character? I seem to pick it up midway (April 12th I think). I suppose you may have intended this and are filling it in along the way. I’ll definitely be following you and suggest it to some friends.

    Eloquent writing at its best!

    • Thank you very much for the comment. You are welcome to pull an RSS feed into your favorite news aggregator.

  • Please add me to your updated posts list. I’m looking forward to future exploits!

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