Steampunk Diaries – May 20th, 1878

Steampunk Diaries – May 20th, 1878

Made it safely into Berlin in the Deutsches Reich. We English refer to it as the German Empire but do not let any natives in the Capital hear it pronounced such. With the founding of the great Empire so new they still feel an immense pride in their achievements. The population is growing steadily and I fear there is a general movement to give up farming and find employment and recreation in the cities that are springing up like bramble.

It soon shall be that the German country side around the large cities will become much like London in the summer. The populace that can afford to do so will make their way to the scenic vacation spots, while the poor will be forced to stay in the unclean miasma and squalor of the cities.

The German ingenuity for industry knows no bounds. I fear that their insatiable appetite for coal will soon put our two Empires at odds. In the meantime I shall continue to enjoy the country and the refreshing country air here while it is soon possible.

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