Steampunk Diaries – May 16th, 1878

Steampunk Diaries – May 16th, 1878

On the advice of a frequent traveler to the Country, I have picked up what is known as a “Vampire Hunter Kit,” manufactured by Professor Ernst Blomberg, before heading to Romania and locals on business. The country side is apparently quite thick with the vermin and weary travelers must beware their attacks at night.

Included in the kit is a Holy Bible, several wooden stakes and mallet, a perfectly balanced knife, and several vial of various potions. In addition to brimstone, silver water, holy water, and flowers of garlic there is one of Professor Blomberg’s New Serum. This concoction is promised to halt vampires in any circumstances. The entire kit and it’s contents are branded with additional crosses. My sources also suggest acquiring a brace of dueling pistols once I hit the Continent. Loaded with silver shot they will be quite effective in stopping attacks upon my personage.

I hope I shall be quite safe with these items. My contact in Romania has promised to hire an additional guard for my personage against such attacks. Normally I would not go at all and wait out the season, but Business must be attended too.

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