Creepydolls2019 Photo shoot

Creepydolls2019 Photo shoot

The 20019 Creepy Dolls shoot was put on by Ceara D. Photography at the Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House in Eugene, Oregon.

The event had 12 photographers and 20 models along with several makeup and hair artists. This was definitely a great event and everyone involved got a lot of great photos. Look up #creepydolls2019 tag for more photos in addition to those below.

Model List

Acacia Rowland
Acacia Rowland and Morrigan Sylvi
Allie Wolter
Allie Wolter and Gabby Howell
Ashley Drowatzky and Jewels Marley
Brittany Gearhart
Jewels Marley
Cat Santiago
Chelsea Elliott
Colton Taylor
Morrigan Sylvi

Photo List

Melinda Ruby
Martine Keller
Mark Keefer
Roy Harper
Nicole Denny
Josh Bartlet
Tim Edwards
Valerie Haynes
Marissa Armas
Britt Anderson
Ceara Swogger
Rachel Salisbury

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